Month: June 2018

Things To Know About Print Profits- An E-commerce Platform


After the advent of the Internet, people have started earning through it. People today look for opportunities to make money online without any investment. There are several online training programs offering assistance in setting up an online business platform. Print profits are one such e-commerce training program which makes people ready to establish an online business platform of their own. Print on Demand is a latest trend online business process which is becoming popular in the recent years. This post talks about the features of Print Profits based on the statistics mentioned in various online sites.

The article below gives an overview of the e-commerce training program.

What Is Print Profit?
It is an online training program which is focused on offering a profit of seven figures by establishing an e-commerce platform. You get to know to generate a stable online income without investing any money from your pocket. This program is offered by underground millionaire Fred Lam and Michael Shih which mainly helps in setting up an automated e-commerce system. It just makes use of a simple technology called print on demand. Fred Lam and Michael came up with this training program to educate his students on the basics of online business. They wanted people to establish a profitable business in spite of the heavy competition that exists in the online market. The program aims at selling products with a limited budget. It gives an overview of unique marketing techniques suitable for an online business platform.

It is a thriving e-commerce business model which includes eight modules. They teach people about the basics of setting up an online business from scratch. You would be given access to case studies, templates and business formulas related to online business. It is step by step training program enabling you to build an e-commerce platform which generates a steady profit. You can earn through commissions for every sale.

About The Founders
Fred Lam worked as a dishwasher in his early days. He later wanted to try out online business and succeeded in his venture. Soon he started several multi millionaire businesses and was experienced in marketing. He began to share his knowledge with several of his students on online marketing. Michael Shih is a digital entrepreneur who owns several 6 figure businesses all over the world. He has earned a 6 figure profit with his online stores by making use of Print On Demand.

Unique Phases
Print Profit offers three unique high converting phases for its members who join the training program. The first phase is the free course giveaway which offers several video series on the basics of establishing an online business from scratch. In the next step, you can attend two workshops. These workshops provide content on online business and Internet marketing. The final phase is an eight-hour Question and Answer session which is conducted virtually. The subscribers would get an opportunity to interact with the founders and other experts in online marketing around the world. The course mainly focuses on generating a higher figure profit through a commission.

The above are the things that you should be aware of before taking up Print Profits e-commerce training program.

The Best Swimming Pool Toys You Need In Summer


Summer is here and with it comes the swimming season. This means you need to get your trusty Dolphin e10 out of the garage to clean the pool thoroughly. Beating the heat by lounging in water is one advisable use of a private swimming pool and another is the health benefits of the full body workout swimming gives us. To know more about the advantages of swimming go to this review. This article will talk about the trendy toys a pool owner can invest in this season to make pool parties more fun and enjoyable.

• Parties in summer equate to friends and family enjoying around a pool. This means you need floaties that can hold an entire group and not just one person. Group floaties have many seats with multiple drink holders. These big swimming pool toys allow friends and families to chill together in the water and are the perfect tools for socializing. The only condition is to check if they will fit your pool size or not.
• Another pool toy that we have seen making the rounds on Instagram and Facebook is the doughnut. All of us have become familiar with a doughnut-shaped floatie that is half bitten. The pool toy has a very Simpsons like effect to it which means it appeals to both the younger and the older generation. The doughnut has a fun, trendy and chic look to it and hence it makes for a great addition to any pool party.
• The one pool toy you cannot pass over this summer is Ride-Ons. Thank to celebs and their penchant for pool parties, we can recognise blown up swan and unicorn floaties easily. These toys are meant for fun and frolic. You can ride the back of the floatie, play and splash around. These toys are targeted to the younger group who like to play games in the pool rather than sit with a drink in hand.

Each of these toys is available in the market in various colors and sizes. The ride-ons offer varieties of animal shape too. You can choose your preference to get that custom swimming pool look just right. For any person who is thinking of hosting people over this summer, there is one thing that we highly recommend, and that is floating drink holders. Not everyone enjoys lying back on a floatie and sunbathing. Some people prefer to slip in the water and then laze in it. For such people, a floating drink holder is a life savior.

These little toys are small buoys that can hold a cocktail or pint of beer. So instead of getting out of the water or swimming to the edge every time you want a drink, one can just keep it right next to them. Again, even these drink holders come in different shapes, sizes, and shades. One can purchase the colors that best fit with the other pool toys to get a bespoke swimming pool look without investing a lot of money.